FinxS is a suite of online assessment tools that provides a user with the information to maximize the communication and performance of the employees, and helps eliminate expensive mistakes, wasted time and resources

FinxS is an upgraded version of Extended DISC, has just been released and updated by Mr. Jukka Sappinen (Finland), the founder and developer of Extended DISC. It was first introduced at the Asian Partner Conference in Kuala Lumpur in April/2018.

Inheriting the success of Extended DISC, FinxS offers a more diversified not only in the purpose of use, but also in the upgrade and the design assessments only for the Sales team – the main force in the company.

FinxS - Empower the Ownership of Assessment Technology

FinxS provides individuals and organizations with a powerful tool to enhance their individual, team and organizational performance. It provides information about an individuals’ behavioral style, motivation and communication style, their strengths, development areas, skills and expectations – information that is crucial in making better business decisions with confidence.
Recruitment of sales force: FinxS brings assessment report of the candidate’s 18 sales competences, thereby scoring candidates based on 18 critically important sales competences.
Recruitment of other positions: FinxS uses report analyzing the candidate’s behaviors against the recruiting standards in order to assess individual’s abilities and behavioral competencies in relation to the vacancy; ensure right person with cultural fit.
Assessment of training needs: Through assessment report of individual’ behavioral competency in comparison to the company’s standards, FinxS identify the level of required behavioral competency of each position to build the training program and development roadmap for each person as well as for the team.
Training and development of the current sales force: Based on assessment report to improve sales skills for each staff, FinxS will map the strengths and weakness of each Sales staff; assess the sales skill proficiency of each staff; provide practical recommendations for sharpening the necessary sales skills.
Organizational planning: Team analysis report will help FinxS to analyse of the strengths and weakness of each staff against required behavioral competency criteria to make suitable staffing, plan for the team’s success.
FinxS Assessment Report sample for individual
Behavioral competency assessment on FinxS platform is among the best options that help enterprises identify the hidden oneself to draw a full profile of an individual, a team. This enables the enterprise to take better actions in recruitment, retention and people development.