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Our client is a catering group
2 years
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– Developing new customers, increase sales according to annual target.
– Advising the General Manager on Sales & Marketing,
– Building and develop the brand name of the company.
– To ensure the stable maintenance and re-signing of contracts for industrial meals.

* Operational planning, budgeting, and setting goals for the sales department:
– Being responsible for business, customer development, branding (sales & marketing). Assignment, assignment, organization, administration, direction of work for employees under management.
– Preparing a self-assessment report on the activities and achievements of the previous year of the department submitted to the General Director before December 1 every year.
– Planning, budgeting and setting up department goals for the next year must be made before December 1 every year for submission to the General Director for approval.

* Building and Developing Galaxy Shidax Brand:
– Proposing website design, management, construction, updating information on the Company’s website.
– Planning  to organize annual customer meetings.
– Planning advertising, promote the brand Galaxy Shidax through the media (newspapers, television.v.v.).
– Drafting, updating profiles and documents introducing the company’s activities to customers such as brochure, flyer.v.v.
– Building up the Company’s image through tangible and intangible values ​​(slogans, uniforms, service models, etc.).
– Being a representative of the media contact company (spokesperson).

* Contract management of industrial catering customers:
– Drafting contracts, negotiating and negotiating contract terms.
– Managing, update, track contract term, archive.
– Proposing to sign, extend, add annex or modify or liquidate the contract.

* Customer care:
– Customer care is available:
– Periodically visiting the management level of customers, keep in touch regularly.
– Periodically directing to the canteen to observe and evaluate production activities in order to ensure that contractual commitments and agreements are guaranteed to be carried out or to continually provide improvement ideas for improvement. Quality service at canteen.
– Coordinating with the production department to organize the activities of gratitude customers (Anniversary, Holidays, Tet, etc.).
– Directly attendding meetings with customers when necessary or as proposed by the production department or under the direction of the General Director.
– Periodically organizing surveys, collect customer comments (survey) on service quality in order to timely propose improvements.
– Directing or co-ordinate with the production department to handle customer complaints about the service.
– Taking care of potential customers.
– Periodically visiting the representative of the customer. Build long-term relationships.
– Tracking, updating and archiving information related to potential customers ensures that there is always opportunity for future cooperation.
– Timely supporting, advice on issues related to catering services for customers.
– Establishing relationships with the management boards of industrial zones, EPZs or other state management agencies to create a separate information channel for the business lines of the Company.

* Developing new customers, increase sales:
– Regularly researching and updating the market of food rations in IZs and EPZs throughout the country with the analysis reports submitted to the General Director.
– Updating the information of the same companies, analyze, compare and evaluate in order to timely adjust the plans and objectives of customer development.
– Planning to reach customers by month / quarter / year.
– Ensuring that customers have been and will meet targets of sales, profits and advantages in the model of service organization.
– Preparing the solutions of the book, prepare the documents, presentation documents to convince the customer.
– Directing or co-ordinate with the production department to survey / visit, evaluate canteen activities of new customers.
– Coordinating with the production department, organize activities to introduce sample meals or try to cook. Be responsible for the results of these activities before the General Director.
– Directly negotiating and negotiate terms of contract with customers based on direction and direction of General Director for each specific customer.
– Considering and analyzing the actual situation of the market, propose existing customers to consider adjusting the price of food at appropriate times.

* Managing, organizing, implementing projects and serving new customers then transfer:
– Developing and agreeing with the head of the production department on models and plans for serving new customers.
– Responsible for presenting and persuading customers about the model, the service plan to ensure the convenience of time and preparation for service, especially preparation of relevant resources (finance, property and people.
– Participating directly in the project’s initial service. Regular contact with customer representatives to timely handle the situation arising in the process of organizing the service.
– Organizing and guiding the implementation of the project’s activities for a certain period approved by the General Director. Then plan the new canteen for the production department.

* Other tasks:
– Developing materials, planning the program, directly training knowledge, skills, attitudes serving the management and staff canteen.
– Advising and advising the General Director on the market share of industrial meals. Short-term, medium and long-term customer development strategies.


– University degree, majoring in: Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Marketing. For other professions, there must be more than 3 years of experience in the same position.
– Computer proficiency in office, using internet, Powerpoint …
– Planning, organizing and managing jobs.
– Communication and presentation skills.
– Ability to handle conflict.
– Negotiation skills, negotiation, persuasion and problem solving.
– Communication skills, presentation and training.
– Evaluate the performance of employees. Planning, assigning and supervising the implementation of the work. Organizing meetings.
– Teamwork and independence.
– Word processing and typing skills.
– Minimum of 2 years in equivalent position.
– Create good relationships between departments in the company
– Fun – gentle with the individuals in the company
– Communication: English or Japanese, Korean
– Experience in soft skills training in leadership, negotiation, presentation, business management, marketing (Certificate)

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Ms. Ngoc Dzung – Recruitment Consultant
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0909 992 750
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