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Purchasing Manager

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Our client is a catering group
2 years
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–  Be the representative of the company directly contact, dealing with suppliers. Supplier Management, Compliance Monitoring, Supplier Contract Performance.
– Organize activities to purchase goods, provide goods, food, equipment, tools, etc. for canteen, base.
– Ensure the source of goods, quantity, quality, price daily supply for the canteen, establishments of the company.
– Advise the General Manager on suppliers, markets, sources of goods, prices.
* Advise the General Manager, production department, canteen bases on source, market, price:
– Regularly survey raw material areas, wholesale markets, supermarkets, trade fairs, foodstuffs, kitchens, etc.
– Survey, looking for distributors, slaughterhouses for cattle and poultry.
– Monitor market, season, compare prices, analyze data.
– Search, multi-vendor cooperation.
– Advise the General Director, warning the production department, management of seasonal canteens, scarcity of commodities, etc. to facilitate the basic canteen adjustment menu customer service.

* Transaction representative, supplier system management:
– Seek the right supplier to meet the capacity of goods, price. Always have a backup plan to replace the weak supplier capacity.
– Classification of suppliers in groups of commodities and foodstuffs (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, rice, dried goods, spices, equipment, tools, washing, fueling etc.) to facilitate management and coordination.
– Agreement on terms of contracts conforming to the requirements, criteria, criteria of commodities, types, specifications, conditions, time and place of goods delivery and regulations on the time limit for comparison and payment. In accordance with Galaxy Shidax.
– Collaborate with other relevant departments and at the same time preside over the plan to conduct periodic inspections / assessments to improve the capacity of the suppliers and prevent the emission. birth related to source, quality.
– Develop and establish mechanisms to control prices and sources of goods to ensure that suppliers are capable of supplying goods and stabilizing prices in a certain period of time in order to minimize fluctuations in prices or shortages. supply.

* Organize activities of purchasing, forwarding goods:
– Make plans, budget for purchasing and supplying food products and materials for the next year and submit them to the General Director for consideration and approval before December 1 every year.
– Set up a daily communication channel with the production department, canteen management to keep up with the customer’s production schedules, service plans, menus, rations to proactively source the goods. , supplies.
– Coordinate with the production department, management of the canteen base set up the process of placing, calling, importing and handling inventory.
– Plan, order, purchase, supply food goods daily, week, month for the canteen base affiliated.
– Establish methods and tools for inspecting and supervising the delivery and delivery of goods at the premises ensuring that the goods delivered at the canteen are of the right quality, type, quantity, place of delivery, timely use and full documents.
– Immediately, promptly purchase and supplement goods for the basic canteen when there is a problem arising shortage of goods.
– Be active in the plan to supply goods and food for long holidays, holidays, Tet (before, during and after the holidays, Tet etc.).

* Handle complaints about quality of goods, prices:
– Timely replacement of defective goods or poor quality.
– Request suppliers immediately compensation for damage (if any) or replace immediately add goods, food shortage or poor quality.
– Ask NCC to pay for the costs of testing and testing food samples, their goods when Galaxy Shidax and customers or State agencies have instructions.
– Make written records of violations of purchasing, goods delivery, proposal of the Board of Management measures.
– Receive feedback from customers, production department, canteen base on source, quality. At the same time, in coordination with the production department, the suppliers set up counterparts to make timely improvements.

* Assurance of origin, origin of goods and food hygiene and safety:
– Contracts entered into with food suppliers must have all the documents, dossiers proving the origin of goods, the set of invoices for import and export (if the goods are imported), and the liability insurance products Products.
– Foodstuffs must have dossiers for registration and announcement of standards according to the provisions of Vietnamese law for a number of specific goods.
– The supplier must meet the following conditions: Certification of food safety and hygiene. Training certificates on food safety and hygiene, KSK staff and other legal documents in accordance with the law and customers.
– Guide and request suppliers to observe regulations on production process and preliminary processing to ensure the law provisions on food safety and hygiene.

* Contract Supplier Management:
– Draft, negotiate, negotiate contract terms with suppliers.
– Monitor, ensur maintenance policies, maintenance, warranty, after-sales for goods, materials and equipment.
– Manage, track, archive – propose renewal, re-sign or sign new or liquidate the contract with the supplier.

* Ensure transparency in dealing with suppliers and suppliers of goods:
– Publicity, transparency in all dealings with suppliers.
– Goods or assets valued in cash or in kind donated or supported by the supplier or after-sales service must be submitted by the supplier to the warehouse or to the company fund (certified by the NCC, accountant, storekeeper, treasurer).
– Make sure the canteen principle does not contact your provider to place orders or call for physical or non-monetary assistance.
– Take responsibility before clients, companies or law enforcement agencies if there are serious violations of self-interest, embezzlement, corruption, embezzlement, bickering, borrowing, borrowing mortgages, mortgages, etc. involves dealing with suppliers and suppliers of supplies of goods.

* Other tasks:
– Participate in the implementation of the implementation plan for new customer service canteen projects.
– Participation is a member of the canteen inspection / assessment team under affiliation.
– Preparation of contracts, documents and documents of suppliers promptly support the administrative department, the production room to submit customers or submit to the inspection team.


– University degree, majoring in: Accounting, Finance, Hospitality Management, Business Administration, Food Technology ….
– Computer proficiency in office, using internet, Powerpoint …
– Plan, organize and manage jobs.
– Communication and presentation skills.
– The ability to handle conflict.
– Negotiation skills, negotiation, persuasion and problem solving.
– Communication skills, presentation.
– Evaluate the performance of the staff. Plan, assign and supervise the implementation of the work. Organize the internal meeting room.
– Teamwork and independence.
– Word processing and typing skills.
– Minimum of 2 years in equivalent position.
– Create good relationships between departments in the company.
– Communication in English or Japanese, Korean

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