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Marketing Director

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Our Client is an e-commerce company.
7 years
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– Plan, advice, and recommendations to the Executive Board of strategies and policies related to the Company’s marketing activities (short term, medium term, and long-term).
– Analyze the situation of business activities of the company at a time each stage, propose and implement activities fairly and effectively.
– Organize and directly supervise comprehensive activities and projects of Marketing, including research and brand development; research and market development, expand market share; diversification of promotional activities to optimize the business performance of the Company.
– Manage the budgets, resources and organize and evaluate the performance of the Marketing Division.
– Report directly to the General Director.

– Marketing of products and services:
– Market research and develop policies/programs to attract sellers, buyers.
– Develop strategy and marketing plan by annually short and long-term
– The media:
– Develop strategy and planning and implementing communications programs for products and services, brand and community.
– Develop strategy and plan to handle crises: Recommended preventive plan for crisis communications, advising the Executive Board and participate directly handle crisis communications.
– Building and Managing Brands:
– Develop brand positioning strategy (the brand identity to customers and partners).
– Implementation and project implementation standardized brand identity, management system brand identity company’s advertising campaign on the media, electronic media, print, PR, promotion and sponsorship
– Develop and implement brand development program on the online and offline channels.
– Develop, update, monitor and strictly manage the brand identity system is universal, regulations, and agree on the overall company.
– Ensure the brand image is always used in accordance with identification system agreed in all the events and activities.
– Join build, manage and implement development projects of new products.
– Events and Promotions: Planning and organizing events to help increase brand identity and attract sellers, buyers.
– Coordinate with other departments to develop specific policies for corporate customers
– Support and coordinate with the Center CCU Exchange Management Department, develop policies to manage and maintain close relationships between companies and customers.
– Identify, analyze customer requirements and meet the requirements. Also, ensure that the entire company aware of the requirements of customers for products and services of the company.


– Knowledge:
– University degree or above, candidates in Marketing or Trade are preferable.
– Deeply knowledgeable about marketing / PR / Branding.
– Experience:
– 4-7 years experience working in the industry
– At least 3 years experience in the position Head / Director of Marketing.
– Experience in managing marketing budgets > US $ 50mil / year.

– Skills:
– Manage direct at least 2 middle management and management of indirect employees in the department.
– Ability to plan and deploy (including planning and budget administrator) in 03 months, to ensure the implementation of the plan is monitored implementation and achieve its objectives.
– There is capacity development team preparation and training of at least 01 HR successor his position in the department / center (the head of the department must answer the question of who will be his replacement if you are transferred to a higher position that operation of the Departments / Centers undisturbed, does not affect the fulfillment of common goals).
– Ability to offer viable strategy based on original survey information purposes strategic direction for each product/service.
– Good communication, capable of negotiating, presentations.
– Resolve work effectively in a dynamic working environment.
– Attitudes and qualities:
– Honest, enthusiastic, hardworking.
– Dynamic, confident, agile, amiable and high sense of responsibility.
– Work independently or with a team, under pressure and complete the assigned target on time.
– Other requirements:
– Foreign Languages: Fluent in English.
– Know the proficient use of application software for the work.
– Extensive relationship with the media.

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Ms. Hai Ngan – Recruitment Consultant
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(028) 71013311
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