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Company Profile
Our Client is an e-commerce center serving job instruction demand and seeking online candidates for employers
2 years
Salary Range


1. Finance
– Determine annual revenue and profit plans
– Allocate revenue targets, supervise and support the team to reach the monthly/ quarterly/ yearly revenue targets
– Control operating costs and use the budget for product development in the most effective way

2. Customers
– Analyze trends of supply and demand, identify user requirements; identify target market, competitor market share, and competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
– Develop marketing strategies and plans – sales, propose price strategies
– Organize implementing sales marketing plan to attract and sell
– Design and implement customer service plans, customer care to ensure satisfaction and reuse services; Reasonably solve problems with customers in a reasonable manner

3. Internal process
– Organize, assign, supervise and administer the work of the subordinate departments
– Develop and continuously improve systems and processes, business management procedures, sales and marketing management, operation, product development to improve customer service and develop competitiveness
– Summarize the needs to develop and upgrade products to suit the market, supervise product construction and receive handover for commercialization.
– Upgrade document quality and improve sales efficiency
– Ensure safety and security of company information and business of the Company

4. Learning & Development
– Organize collecting and improving database quality
– Implement recruitment, training, staff evaluation; motivate employees to work; attract and retain good employees; Create a consensus team and commitment
– Maintain and develop more resources, network of suppliers and collaborators to improve the quality of customer service continuously.
– Handle labor discipline and issues related to employees and collaborators
– Participate in training sessions & other activities of the company


1. Skills
– Leadership skills: Create credibility and prestige from the team and have experience at the same position for at least 2 years
– Communication skills: Create a good image of the company by communicating with internal and external customers. There are no complaints about attitudes and forms of communication from customers.
– Planning skills: At least 2 years of experience in planning for many departments
– Reporting skills: Experienced in setting up reports and smart report presentation and consistent with the management mechanism of the company.
– Skills of analyzing and solving problems: Have experience in analyzing and resolving rational problems, creating the conviction of the concerned parties
2. Knowledge
– Qualifications: University degree majoring in Marketing, Business Administration or equivalent
– Foreign language: Ability to communicate well with customers in Vietnamese and English
– Computers: Ability to use office software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
3. Quality
– Under pressure of work: Control behavior and emotions before any situation
– Be responsible for the job
– Be willing to reach the goal
– Curious, learn fast and like technology, internet
4. Other requirements (if any)
– Priority with experience of at least 2 years of business management and/or marketing at the company/field related to offline/online employment services.

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Ms. Kim Nga - ESS Manager
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(028) 71013311 - EXT 109
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