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Our clients is a leading food flour company
5 years
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– Plan operation and development strategies for the company through different stages.
– Develop plans, give targets, run and supervise to implement the monthly, quarterly and annual plans and achieve the highest efficiency, including 4 main areas of work: human resource organization, finance management, production management.
– Ensure annual revenue and profit before the Board of Directors
– Organize company, departments and human resources in order to achieve the goals set by the Board of Directors in accordance with the listed companies with current regulations.
– Direct, assign tasks to subordinates in a reasonable and professional way, simultaneously, there must be a plan for inspection and supervision to promptly propose quick and effective handling measures to ensure highly unanimous in managing, operating and organizing.
– Conduct monthly reports on company activities on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis with the Board of Directors of other arising issues.


– At least 05 years of experience at the executive management position of companies, multi-industry corporations.
– Graduated from University of Business Administration, Economics.
– Excellent in strategic planning, evaluation, and market analysis
Good communication and negotiation ability.
– Dynamic in business management. Ability to manage costs.
– Professional style. Reliability and high sense of responsibility.
– Ability to orient employees, develop staff.
– Good computer skills.

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Ms. Viet Nga - Associate Director
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(028) 71013311 - EXT 103
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