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Investment Manager

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Our client is an e-commerce company.
5 years
Salary Range


– Responsible for corporate finance and reporting systems of the company and directly assist the BOD to conduct investment rounds with international funds.
– Responsible for the related works between the company and investors:
+ Develop a financial model, work with Legal and Financial Advisers on structural issues, and be in charge of approaching and dealing with the regulatory and financial legislation in transaction negotiations.
+ Analyze all investment values. Proceed and monitor audits, assessments and take part in negotiation process.
+ Prepare contracts, relevant documents, and financial analysis when negotiating with investors
+ Act as the main coordinator and manage relevant relationships for all activities between the Company and the investors to achieve the goal of effective capital investment.
– Maintain relationships and ensure exceed requirements from existing investors:
+ Maintain a two-way relationship with capital contributors, financial investors, and financial analysts.
+ Project management: operation plans, authority, financial valuation model, market analysis, industry, company and other related factors to current investors.
– Search and implement the investment call in the Company.
– Financial planning of the Company:
+ Develop and implement short-term and long-term financial targets, forecasts on company capital and market capital.
+ Evaluate Enterprise operation programs in terms of Finance: capital structure, management, and expansion of capital sources.
+ Financial strategic planning of the company, equitation strategy with the participation of shareholders and financial investors.
– Analyze and handle financial relationships in the business
+ Control the implementation of the business strategy, budget plan with Center Director/Department Heads in the process of implementing the strategic objectives of the company.
+ Research, analyze and deal with financial relationships within the company.
+ Monitor, analyze, evaluate and provide management tools and financial risk forecasting.


– Bachelor’s degree and above, preferably major in Finance, Commerce and Banking. Overseas education is preferable.
– At least 4 years of experience in the Investment Banking/Investment Funds or corporate investment experience with the role of Head Department or Deputy Head.
– Experience in indirectly dealing with at least 2 deals above 10million USD.
– At least 3 years of experience in Corporate Finance with business scope of over 200 employees or revenue exceed 100 billion VND/year or big startup.
– Experienced in Banking/Audit industry, especially in handling IPO, listing, equitation, and restructuring.
– Experience working in an international environment. Fluent in using the English language.
– Knowledge of Corporate Accounting with at least 5 years as Manager. CFA/CPA or relevant certificates are preferable.
– Candidates who have worked overseas at least 3 years in Financial Investment are also preferable.

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Ms. Hai Ngan – Recruitment Consultant
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(028) 71013311
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