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Our Client is a manufacturer of plastic household goods
5 years
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– Advise the General Director on finance and financial investment;
– Advise the General Director on the decision to bring maximum benefit to shareholders, gain the highest profits to the Company;
– In charge of activities such as researching, analyzing and developing financial plans, exploiting and using financial resources effectively, warning of risks to the Company through financial analysis and provide reliable forecasts in the future.

– Develop and implement financial indicators, short-term and long-term financial plans of the Company;
– Direct the implementation of the plan and report the implementation of the financial plan to the General Director
– Analyze the structure and managing financial risks of the Company;
– Organize the implementation of the financial management system, financial investment, capital management and cash fund of the company in accordance with the law.
– Track profits and costs; Coordination, consolidation and evaluation of financial data; preparation of special reports;
– Forecast financial requirements; preparation of annual budget; planning expenditures; analysis of errors, not suitable for repair;
– Establish financial situation by developing and applying a system for collecting, analyzing, verifying and reporting financial information;
– Analyze and participate in the appraisal of the suspiciousness of the investment projects before proposing the management board of the project investment company on the financial aspect;
– Build and establish relationships with the system of banks, credit organizations of investment funds and relevant agencies.
– Advise the management of the Company on the financial control of the Company and on financial, accounting and internal control procedures;
– Examine and supervise the implementation of professional procedures in the business and service activities for customers according to the provisions of law on the contents.


– Graduated from university or postgraduate in economics, finance;
– At least 5 years experience in equivalent position;
– Have knowledge of many areas such as financial markets, banking, accounting, tax, and related legal policies;
– Have a strategic vision, taking into account risk factors in financial management;
– Have a wide and effective relationship with financial and credit institutions and relevant agencies;
– Have the ability to manage leadership, quick to grasp and solve problems.
– Skills: negotiation, communication and problem solving, management, planning, budgeting, persuasion, presentation, planning, implementation and control of the plan.
– Personality: Honest, sociable, assertive, listening and sharing, professional ethics

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Ms. Thanh Truc – Recruitment Consultant
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(028) 71013311 - EXT 105
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