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Company Profile
Our Client specializes in the transportation service
6 years
Salary Range
$4000 - $6000


– Operate the company in the field of passenger transport business, tourism services, car maintenance repair, ticket sales …
– Operate and be responsible for all activities of the company including business, service and administration and accounting departments
– Build organizational structure, recruit and manage human resources.
– Make plans for marketing, business, customer services according to the revenue targets of the company.
– Build system of standard working processes for staff, responsible for continuous improvement in all areas of the company’s operations, train employees to perform the work properly.
– Orient work plans for lower-level employees.
– Take overall responsibility for operating and directing the following departments: Business, Accounting, Service and Customer Services Division.
– Research rivals, learn about promotion and marketing programs, propose specific solutions for each different time.
– Regularly report the work and present proposals for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.
– Directly report to CT-BOM periodically (month, quarter …).


– Male, over 40 years old
– University degree in Business Administration, Economics.
– Experience in the field of passenger transport business is a strong plus.
– Skills of strategic planning, evaluation, and market analysis
– Good communication and negotiation ability.
– Assertive, strong at work.
– Dynamic in business management. Ability to manage finance.
– Professional style. Reliability and high sense of responsibility.
– Ability to orient staff, develop staff.
– Good computer skills.

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Ms. Viet Nga - Associate Director
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(028) 71013311 - EXT 103
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