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Our client is the leading supplier of raw materials in the animal feed, food and medicine.
5 years
Salary Range


  1. Run the business to achieve the objectives of the company growing.
  2. Set objectives, build strategies, plans, implement and control effectively:
  • Build and propose to the Board of Directors on the development strategy of the company in the short term, medium term and long term;
  • Manage all Company’s activities to ensure implementation of the Board of Directors assigned objectives;
  • Build and deploy regulations, policies to operate and manage the Company effectively and professionaly;
  • Build and suggest effective and advanced management methods to improve the capacity of the executive HR management;
  • Build corporate culture and strategies to stabilize the organization, develop human resources and motivate staffs;
  • Responsible for the management, administration and implementation of safety hygiene labor protection, work safety and hygiene of food, fire protection of the Company before Chief Executive Officer, President, the competent authority of the State in accordance with the laws.
  1. Strategize:
  • Build orientation, developed strategies for the Company in the short, medium and long term and propose to Board of Directors to considered and approved.
  • Build main objectives for the Company.
  • Propose construction of structure, function tasks, the executive apparatus of the Company and propose to Board of Directors to considered and approved deployment to implement the goals of the company entrusted.
  • Develop and promulgate regulations, policies in a comprehensive way to run and manage all aspects of the company to ensure compliance with the regulation of the Law and the Charter of the Company.
  • Propose to Board of Directors to approved the deployment of application systems, models, effective management methods suitable to the capacity and requirements of the organization in the short, medium and long term.
  1. Management / Executive:
  • Manage general operations of the Company in accordance function, tasks and powers of the Chief Executive Officer and available under the authorization of the General Manager.
  • Chaired the meetings related to daily operating activities of the Company, give the conclusions and directing activities of the chamber, board functions assigned.
  • Organize of personnel, transfer and streamlined human resources, finance… within the Company to ensure the requirements of resources and the approved budget for the implementation of the objectives of the Company.
  • On behalf of the Board of Directors in receiving handle administrative work, with internal legal staff of the Company and with agencies and other organizations.
  • Recommend, build and deploy the system in order to ensure successful implementation of the operating functions of the company activities seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Chaired build, deploy and be responsible for the production plan to meet business requirements every quarter, every month to take measures timely adjustments arising.
  • Deploy, operate the system timekeeping, payroll, bonuses and policies for employees in accordance with the Laws Rules and Regulations of the current company.
  • Solve work-related relations, labor discipline; Emulation and Reward.
  • Recommend policies to build corporate culture, motivate employees, work environment and job specialization.
  • Organize and manage staffs in the Company to ensure optimized and efficiently.
  • Assign work, control the implementation, evaluation the efficiency of employees throughout the company.
  • Recommend reward, discipline and remuneration policies for employees in the company with the Board of Directors.
  • Orientate, train and develop professional staff throughout the company to improve the quality of human resources.


  • University graduated in Business Administration or Economics, specialized in Breeding, Aquaculture, Food or MBA
  • Experienced industry raw materials feed additives.
  • Experienced assumes the position of CEO or other management positions
  • Have experience in developing business strategies and deploy vision
  • Be proficient in office computer; Good English communication
  • Professional management skills.
  • Thorough understanding of the principles of financial management and business operation
  • Have in-depth knowledge of corporate governance and general management methods
  • Business thinking with organizational skills and excellent leadership
  • Proficient skills, analytical and problem-solving
  • Proficient communication skills and public speaking

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