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Our client is a catering group
3 years
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– Establish, operate and control all accounting and finance activities of the company.
– Advise the General Director on tax and financial policies.
– Ensuring that the Company’s professional accounting and financial activities comply with the law on accounting and taxation.

* Advise the General Director, building the financial management system – accounting in accordance with the law and the characteristics of the business line of the Company:
– Organize and drafting regulations on financial management and internal expenditure management.
– Develop professional procedures, forms, accounting process, payment and settlement …
– Organize and operate a system of accounting and archiving vouchers, books, reports and related documents in a systematic and professional manner.
– Always update the information, legal documents on tax, advice to the management, guide the detailed accounting in the implementation of reasonable and valid documents. To fully update the law provisions and policies to perform standard and accurate accounting and finance work.
– Organize and supervise the implementation of departments / units.

* Establish and implement the financial plan of the company:
– Evaluate the financial situation of the Company at all times to provide appropriate advice to the General Director.
– Analyze , forecasting the financial status of the Company, making short, medium and long-term financial plans of the Company. To organize the implementation of the approved financial plan.
– Study and propose measures and forms of raising capital for production, business and investment according to the ratified plan.
– Develop a capital allocation plan, determine the capital structure suitable for each specific period. Analysis of business results, efficiency of using capital, timely detecting and proposing to the General Director solutions for efficient and economical use of capital.
– Synthesize information, data and report on the implementation of financial plan to the Board of Directors.
– Advise on measures to optimize the efficiency of capital use, balancing capital sources to suit production and business requirements.

* Organize, directing and inspecting the use and management of expenses, assets and capital of the Company:
– Organize the examination and revision of financial revenues and expenditures. The obligations to collect and remit State budget. To review, compare and speed up the recovery of debts.
– Monitor and supervise the process of using financial expenditures, procurement of assets and equipment.
– Detect cases of using expenses and property for improper purposes and reporting and proposing the handling.
– Coordinate with related departments to collect and manage the money for selling goods / providing services … and settle the expenses for staffs / partners / customers. Organization of fund management / cash deposit of the Company.
– Supervise the implementation of the financial management regulations of the company, detecting and preventing cases of violations.

* Organize the implementation of accounting and tax professional operations:
– Implement internal supervision, ensuring transparency, accuracy and effectiveness of financial control
– Steer the collection, process information, accounting accounting data of the accountant details.
– Receive, check and reconcile data balance. Detect errors and instructions, coordinate with the accountants to handle and adjust appropriately.
– Prepare reports on business results, periodical / extraordinary balance sheets and detailed explanations to the Board of Directors.
– Direct the supply of information, accounting data, archives and confidentiality of relevant dossiers, documents and documents at the request of the management board of the company and the competent State management agency.

* Participate in appraising projects / plans for investment production / finance – currency:
– Asses, analyzing and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects / plans and economic contracts.
– Research and propose solutions to raise capital and manage the capital contribution of the company in other units.
– Develop and propose plans for distribution of profits, use of financial funds, financial investment, working capital management.

* Manage and manage the work of staff, staff in the room and accounting professional of affiliated branches:
– Assessment of the workload of the accounting department, affiliated branches in order to propose suitable arrangements and arrangement of resources.
– Identify personnel needs, propose and implement recruitment.
– Disseminate regulations and policies to all staff in the department and supervising and inspecting the implementation.
– Directly assign work, instruct, support the subordinate employees.
– Examine and supervise the accountant’s operations on a daily basis, ensuring the truthfulness and accuracy of the figures of turnover and expenses.
– Monitor, remindi and evaluati the performance of employees and recommending, rewarding and punishing staff in accordance with regulations.

* Coordinate other tasks as required by the Board of Directors:
– Build and establish good relationships with banks, partners and state management agencies.
– Cooperate / co-ordinate with the auditor to conduct periodical auditing.
– Perform accounting activities with joint venture partners.
– Organize the maintenance and archivie of accounting documents, keeping confidential the accounting documents and data of the company.
– Organize  the dissemination and timely guidance of financial regimes and regulations, accounting and statistics related to the Company’s operations according to the prescribed regime.
– Lead or participate in projects of the Company as assigned by the General Director.


– University degree, major: Accounting and finance and practice certificate of chief accountant;
– Computer proficiency in office, using accounting software, tax proficiency. Know how to use internet, Powerpoint …
– Plan, organize and management skills;
– Analytical, communication and presentation skills;
– Conflict management skills;
– Negotiation, negotiation and problem solving skills;
– Evaluatethe performance of the staff. Planning, assigning and supervising the performance of the work. Organizing internal meetings;
– Teamwork and independence;
– Word processing and typing skills;
– 3 years in the position of chief accountant or Head of Accounting – Finance.
– Create good relationships between departments in the company

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Ms. Ngoc Dzung – Recruitment Consultant
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