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Our client is Asia's leading jewelry manufacturing and trading company.
3 years
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– Develop, implement and supervise brand activities and programs to ensure the fulfillment of brand KPIs and achieve brand communication goals, revenue growth of the company. Branding in short, medium and long term.

– Develop and implement communication strategy and brand management plan.

– Develop communication strategies, plan to develop long-term brand.

– Build KIP for the label, also the KPI of the department.

– Formulate the annual budget plan of the brand.

– Build and supervise the implementation of communication and marketing plans of brands.

– Build brand value chain and unify communications across all media channels and tools.

– Provide orientations and content and images for the elaboration and implementation of the annual advertising, marketing or promotion plan of the brand.

– Supervise the development and implementation of programs promoting revenue, brand promotion.

– Develope a brand communication plan, promotion, sales promotion in each region, branch and market based on the strategic direction, short, medium and long-term goals of the company.

– Assign KPIs to each label assistant to measure the implementation of the program as planned. Monitor and control the work plan to complete the KPI of each label assistant.

– Allocate funds to each program group / branch / channel, monitor the budgeting and use of the brand.

– Develop communication plans and media plans for each product line, collection of each brand.

– Monitor the progress of the implementation, tasks, responsibilities of each department, unit, branch in the implementation of the marketing communications program.

– Periodic reviews, reminders, objective assessments and corrective measures to ensure that the programs are implemented on schedule and effectively.

– Coordinate with other departments, departments, units in accordance with the process, the company.

– Communicate knowledge of brand and information about marketing programs.

– Participate  in the joint projects of the company according to the decision to set up the project board, the appointment decision, the assignment of tasks of the Director.

– Build up the structure of parts, working procedures in accordance with the functions, tasks, volume of work of the brand in charge.

– Monitor, evaluate, motivate and instruct the experts, communicate experience, propose appropriate training programs for each employee in the brand in charge of completing the work plan, KPI.

– Build a positive teamwork culture.

– Evaluate the capacity of each individual, make proposals for increase, decrease, transfer, change personnel to ensure the effective operation of the brand.


– Graduated from University – Major in Business Administration / Marketing

– Communicate fluently in English, using fluent English in economics, marketing at work.

– At least 3 years in brand management position.

– Experience in human resources management, successful team leader who has been in charge of similar work in the fast-moving / retail / fashion industry.

– Experience in successful implementation of branding communication projects resonates in the market.

– Fluent in office computer

– Understand the analysis, business data, financial accounting.

– Good looking, fashion style suitable for high-end jewelry.

– Communication skill, negotiation skill.

– Accept to go on business trips at home and abroad regularly.

– Extremely flexible working hours when requested from the program

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Ms. Tuong Vi – Recruitment Consultant
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0909 992 750
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