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Chief Accountant – Manufacturing

Company Profile
the global innovation leader in special and functional papers: makes papers for the food and packaging industry
8 years
Salary Range


1. Responsibilities:
 Review monthly tax reports, financial report
 Summary of previous financial issues
 Arrange plan for tasks will be done in the month
 Based on related information for reviewing weekly cash report. Check input, output of invoice of the month and arrange monthly tax report at the final week of the month
 Check all part of accounting tasks which made by other accountant staffs for arranging monthly reports at the final week of the month.
 Based on list of payment request approved by BOD, update the summary payment, assign staff to arrange paper work of payment, review and submit to BOD for getting signature
 Based on daily information mentioned above, noted on management, give information and discuss the special issue as well as get guided direction from Finance Director.
 Check balance of bank and review bookkeeping on accounting software
 Review, sign payment voucher, input, output inventory note
 Review receivables, payables; assign staff to get confirmation with customers about payables and receivables.
 Review bookkeeping on accounting software daily
2. Others:
 Instructs accounting staff to do their job which already assigned by accounting manager.
 Check regularly all accounting issues in order to improve accounting system in accordance with  company regulation of each period (Accounting form applied, the way for control, current regulation of government etc )
 Make monthly presentation report for monthly meeting
3. Documentation:
 Record accounting documentations of company
 Manage accounting books, ledger by bookkeeping in accounting software
 Manage contracts that already signed, done, or pending
 Check documentation relating to declaration of VAT, Tax documentation (Monthly tax report, tax finalization, reconcile with Tax authority etc)
 Management for accounting book relating to revenue, costing, collected money – payment, receivable, payable, list of fixed assets, depreciation of fixed assets, warehouse report (in-outbalance reports), advance report, clear advance report, expense reports, loan report, etc.


 University degree in finance accounting.
 At least 8 years working experience for manufacturing company
 Carefulness, open-minded, leadership skill and teamwork for great performance
 English fluency

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Ms. Minh Huyen - Recruitment Consultant
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(028) 71013311 - EXT 104
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