The importance of identifiying trends in a group of Behavioural Analysis Reports

One of our consultant clients was asked to provide advice for a medium sized organisation that was experiencing a drop in productivity.
He was told that there had been no changes in the systems the company was operating and technically there was no apparent reason for the under-performing unit. A new general manager had however been appointed replacing the GM who had retired at the end of last year after some thirty years at the helm. The newly appointed GM came with an excellent reputation and was well known in the industry.



Often change in some policies follow management change and there was some indication of resistance to some of the new management policies implemented by the new general manager.

However he couldn’t pinpoint any specific issues that he considered would impact on the performance of his team members. So he decided to consult our affiliate who had, in the past, provided HR advice to the company from time to time. The consultant’s instructions were to report back to the GM with any issues he thought could be of importance from an HR perspective. To the GM, this was just simply one of the boxes he had to tick in his search for the reasons for the drop in productivity.

The consultant used a two pronged approach. He arranged for each of the staff to complete an Open 360 Report which he designed via the FinxS online platform in conjunction with Extended DISC® and followed this up with a customized Extended DISC

Behavioural Style Report from each of the 75 employees.

The Open 360 Reports did identify a resistance to some of the new policies being implemented, but were far from conclusive. Several of the reports obtained were critical of the new GM’s approach, but there wasn’t any single issue that the consultant could effectively rely upon as a possible cause for the drop in productivity.

The Behavioural Reports however did reveal an interesting trend. There were a number that produced Profiles similar to the Profiles shown below which indicated frustration.

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