CxO Search uses an efficient and systematic assessment for “Job Match and Cultural Fit” to spot and recruit the most suitable candidates for your specific requirements.

In early 2017, CxO Search established itself from the spin-off of Executive Search and Selection Division, after sixteen successful years of recruitment operations under Le & Associates JSC. We are a new and independent company under L & A Holdings, providing customers and candidates with a further degree of care and flexibility.




Using our advanced recruitment methods and world-class assessment tools, we ensure our clients find the most apt candidates for their company.


We commit to providing a 3-5 day turnaround time for client servicing and provision of shortlisted talents.


50,000 + Senior executives, a database of 100,000 classified mid-career professionals, and hundreds of new applications daily.


Recruitment Experts – Our networked and highly trained recruitment consultants are experts in sourcing passive talents, and are specialized in certain fields. Thus, we are not only well-connected to companies offering similar positions, but we are extremely knowledgeable about the talent market in these industries.



With our highly skilled and widely networked recruitment consultants, we provide the service of recruitment for executive positions such as: CxO or C-suite (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CPO, CMO), President, Vice President, Country Manager, General Director, General Manager, and Regional Managerial roles. For the short-list of potential candidates, we provide a full profile with extensive assessments using our world-class assessment techniques, to ensure a job-matched and culturally fit employee placement.


This service helps you recruit experts, managers or department heads for your company. Specializing in various fields such as FMCG, manufacturing, retail/wholesale, finance/banking and trading, our consultants are well connected to companies offering similar positions, and are aware of the industry’s compensation packages.


With sixteen years of experience in the market, we have a good understanding of your requirements and are able to source suitable candidates for your Human Resources Management team from our extensive database of HR professionals. In addition to talent pools, our expert consultants are trained to make the best use of not only their industry knowledge, but also the Extended DISC methodology in recruiting the HR professionals and executives at the corporate level and other functions, including: HR business partners, learning and development, talent acquisition, HR shared services, compensation and benefits, change management and employee relations.


Recruiting, retaining and motivating qualified employees has become increasingly critical as more businesses become more complex. It is important to understand how employees and key talents will react and function in their given roles and in critical situations. We partnered with one of the most prestigious and comprehensive assessment developers to provide you with the latest talent assessment tool. Extended DISC® is the world’s fastest growing Human Resources system for understanding and reading people. Discover how EDISC can help your organization. Read more


We will assign one or more highly trained recruitment consultant to handle your recruitment requirements from start to finish. Using the detailed information we have gathered from you, our expert consultants will combine candidate mapping in our database, headhunting, networking and use of other search platforms and channels to source the profiles of the most suitable candidates. Our high conversion rate results from the methodological screening and selection processes, expertise and world-class assessment tools, all to ensure a job-matched and culture-fit candidate.

Here are the FAQs for your reference:

1. Do you offer replacement guarantee if the candidate leave the company within the probationary period?
Yes. We truly expect that the talents we endorse to your organization are job matched and culture fit candidate.
When you hire our candidate, we provide a 60 days’ guarantee period and we will provide 1 alternative candidate as a replacement in case the 1st candidate resigns or leaves the company.
In our experience, this rarely happens as we spend so much time in screening and evaluating our candidates to ensure a job matched and culture fit talents. That is the reason why we are confident that you will not use our guarantee.

2. Why do you charge a deductible initial fee for the retained search?
A deductible initial fee of 200$ is a commitment by you to use our professional services. This fee is not additional and it will be deducted from the success fee which we only charge upon the successful hire of the candidate. Our approach is methodological and effective and we use a world- class assessment tool. Our assigned consultant will invest the time to exclusively work on your vacancies and you will be assured that the shortlisted candidates we endorse to your organization are well-screened and assessed to ensure a job matched and culture fit placement.

3. Other agencies can send the CV within 1-2 days, why your delivery time is 3-5 days?
We never send the CVs of the candidates from a database search without screening. We commit 3-5 days because we ensure that we take the time to meet the candidates, screen and assess them accordingly using our methodological process and assessment tools before shortlisting them and endorsing to your organization. With this, we can ensure a job matched and culture fit talent for your company.


Our Client is a global leading F&B/ hospitality company

Our Client is one of the top construction companies in Vietnam.

Our client is a retailer specializing in the distribution of healthcare and beauty products

Our client is a retailer specializing in the distribution of healthcare and beauty products

Our client is a retailer specializing in the distribution of healthcare and beauty products

Our client is a retailer specializing in the distribution of healthcare and beauty products.

Our client is a leading investment group in the hospital sector under the form of private-public partnerships

Our Client is a leader in online advertising space in Southeast Asia


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